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Our school systems are rotting.

It’s like a production facility that is churning the unwanted.

We are mass producing Engineers, CA’s and all other cliched professions.

Unemployment is at a high. Well educated individuals sit at home wondering “How can they apply their skills.” This is because we’re being taught subjects, not “Skills”

Our children are in the same education system.

AI is Encraoching

If that wasn’t troubling enough, AI is encroaching into our territory.

Our Jobs are being taken at a rapid pace and we aren’t even noticing.

Our children face a future where ALL mechanical tasks will be automated.

Wondering what future jobs might look like?

It's that we need to educate our Children differently​

Independent Thinking

Children should be able to think independently and develop their own choices and opinions. This also gives them the confidence to act in the way "THEY" want and avoid a "Herd" mentality

People-centric Mindset

The economy runs on interdependence. We exchange money/value for goods/services which help others. The keyword being "Help Others". If our children can't empathize and have a people centric mindset, it's unlikely that they will be able to do anything of value to the world!

Solving Unseen Problems

Predicting the future is an impossible task. AI is imminent but the kind of challenges it may bring are unknown. In our traditional teaching methods, answers are readily available and need to be mugged up. This Kills the innate Problem solving ability in our children


We as adults find it difficult to adapt to newer situations. If we see children though, they are very comfortable in their skin. The possibility of Innovation and Creativity is higher when we are ready to try "New Things". Sadly, if we are rigid, we will always choose "survival" over the "Unknown"

These 21st Century skills will ensure that our children not only survive, but come out on top in the world of the future.

The is now open

The Goal

The goal of the Holistic Development Program is primarily three-fold. It’s to help children develop in three main areas

Problem Solving Skills

  • Using Puzzles, learn to solve unseen problems 
  • Learn to objectively evaluate alternative solutions
  • Improve focus and concentration

Logical & Analytical Skills

  • Learn to logically arrive at conclusions
  • Spot patterns and find relationships in data
  • Learn to analyse and interpret complex information

Lateral Thinking & Creativity

  • Develop out of the box thinking
  • Learn to apply existing knowledge from one field to another
  • Creatively design solutions for complex problems


At Logicology, we run a comprehensive program in the form of workshops and competitions that are carefully designed to illuminate the concepts behind Math and Logic in a fun and engaging way.
We encourage young minds to think differently.
There are many different ways of looking at a problem and reaching a solution.
All one needs is the right logic + the ability to come with novel methodologies; we need to foster Logicologists
Here’s a Sneak Peek into the kinds of problems your children will solve

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What parents say?

Our team

Gayatri Phadnis

Co - Founder

Gayatri is a passionate educator who has seen the pinnacle of competitive brilliance. Be it a 99.56%ile in CAT 2008 or TATA Crucible Business Quiz, Gayatri has been there and done that. She is a regular participant in prestigious international and national level competitions related to STEM subjects. She has authored a book on “Developing Mental Ability the fun way.” Gayatri pursued herengineering from the coveted VNIT and worked as a Software Engineer and Business Analyst before launching Logicology in 2016. Logicology’s purpose is to realize her dream of raising free andlogical thinkers. She is a frequent speaker at conferences related to teaching and parenting. She also runs a parenting blog and a YouTube channel – Toddler Strides.

Kartik Vyas


Kartik is the co-founder of Logicology. A passionate teacher, Kartik has been associated with different colleges (VNIT, IIT-Powai, NITIE , ISB-Mohali) as a mentor, coach and visiting faculty. For last 5 years he has been teaching a course on Business Intelligence and Analytics at the prestigious VNIT, Nagpur. A marketing professional and zealous technologist, Kartik has a rich experience in the emerging fields of technologies including Analytics and Big Data. An alumnus of VNIT & NITIE, Kartik has written and published many papers on varied topics. He is a winner of the coveted CSI Young IT Professional of the year award for his part in the team for the popular TV show Satyamev Jayate. Kartik is Gayatri’s partner in her exploits at Logicology and Tata Crucible Business Quiz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your program AI proof children?

Having worked in the Analytics space ourselves, we know what problems
can be easily solved using automation and AI and which ones can not.
Through our extensive research we found out that AI cannot replace jobs
where, a person is required to
• Think independently
• Solve unseen problems
• Apply knowledge from
• Provide empathetic human response
one context to another
Through our work with children we discovered that children who develop
the ability to solve unseen problems, try out alternative approaches for
problem solving, think independently and creatively can easily learn
newer things as compared to those who don’t. In this program, we expose
children to problems that need thinking and application. Over a period of
time, children develop their natural abilities and improve their learnability
which AI proofs them

There are 3 modules in every level. Are these modules inter-related? What if my child did not do module 1, will she be able to understand the contents of module 2 and 3?

The course contents have been designed such that there is no dependen-
cy on earlier modules. However, in past we have seen that students who
have spent more time with us tend to do better than students who’ve
recently joined us. However, over a period of time these differences even

Does this Holistic Development program improve my child's performance in any specific exam?

While this program is not focused on improving performance in any
specific exam, your child’s overall thought process will become better.
Indirectly, the performance will improve in competitive exams like Olym-
piads, Bebras Challenge, Scholarship exams and Quizzes.

Will this program help my child improve her programming/coding skills?

Yes. This program is designed to improve computational and algorithmic
thinking, logical problem solving skills and programming logic. However,
this program doesn’t teach any coding. Your child will be able to design
algorithms that can work with any programming language

Why do you use puzzles so extensively?

We believe that an engaged child ensures learning. Children inherently
love puzzles and hence puzzles are engaging for them. Moreover, even if
you have solved a puzzle earlier, you can not just solve it again through
memory. You need to think afresh. That means if your thought process
eludes you, you cant solve a puzzle that you’ve solved earlier. As puzzles
compel children to think, they develop their natural abilities, focus and
concentration. That’s why we use puzzles extensively.

I am not sure if my child will like this program, but I don’t want to miss out on this. What do you suggest?

We get this a lot. We offer demo sessions for children to check out if they
like our style. You can choose to join for just one module and then decide
to continue. We also offer full refund minus the registration charges if you
decide not to continue after the first week.

Can I get a full refund after attending 2-3 weeks?

No. If you want the full refund, you need to make a decision after the first week itself.

My child is interested but cannot join her grade's program due toconflicting schedule. Can she join the program for the next grade instead?

While we do not encourage this, in selected cases, we may allow such an
arrangement. For example, if your child is in Grade 4, she will need to take
a qualification test for Grade 5. If she clears, she can join. You will need to
pay the fees for Grade 5 program in that case.

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