As the name suggests, this bundle comprises three miscellaneous workshops/ activities. It includes FinWiz which aims at helping children develop basic financial understanding in a fun and easy to consume manner. It also includes a workshop themed around IPL – Puzzles and quizzes on IPL, and even a mini IPL auction! Last but not the least, this bundle includes a Treasure Hunt – which is problem solving at its most fun.

The FinWiz workshop will ensure your child understands the basics of finance. The IPL special workshop will provide your child an exposure to lots of different problems themed around IPL. The auction will help develop decision making skills, agility and flexibility in a fun way.

If you want to give your child a flavour of a variety of topics, this is the bundle for you. It ticks multiple boxes – problem solving, logical reasoning, general knowledge, financial awareness etc. If you are confused which bundles to go for, this medley could be a good starting point.


₹ 1250

Dates: 31 May to 4 Jun

10 to 11 AM

IPL Special

₹ 1250

Dates: 5 to 9 Apr

10 to 11 AM
24 to 28 May - 10 to 11 AM

Treasure Hunt

₹ 500

Dates: 1 May / 15 May

12 to 3 PM
One-time activity of three hours

Miscellaneous Bundle

₹ 2000

Get all three workshops at a great price!

** Miscellaneous Bundle **
FinWiz + IPL Special + Treasure Hunt

Interactive game coming soon!

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