This bundle is about general knowledge and introduction to quizzing. It includes three workshops with topics ranging from Countries of the world, History, Science & Technology and much more. Each workshop of this bundle will help create a knowledge base and stoke your child’s curiosity to explore it further. There will be a mini quiz every single day to give the participants a flavour of competitive quizzing. To top it all, this bundle also includes a weekly quizzing league!

Curiosity is the most important skill that this bundle aims to develop. Our specially designed questions also ensure that your child can logically eliminate alternatives in cases where she doesn’t really know the answer. The exposure to the world helps develop creativity and imagination. The timed quizzes ensure that your child has to concentrate and not get distracted thus improving the focus.

If you want your child to do well in quizzing and have great general awareness, this is your bundle. Knowledge is built over time through consistent habits. Reading about topics beyond school curriculum and improving one’s knowledge of the world is something every parent wants their child to do. If you want your child to increase curiosity and start taking keen interest in the happenings around the world, this is where she can begin.

Quizzing - World Geography

₹ 1250

Dates: 19 to 23 Apr

10 to 11 AM

Quizzing - World History

₹ 1250

Dates: 3 to 7 May

10 to 11 AM

Quizzing - World of Technology

₹ 1250

Dates: 17 to 21 May

10 to 11 AM

Weekly Quizzes

₹ 0

All Sundays in April & May

12 to 1 PM
9 Quizzes
4th April through 30th May

Quizzing Bundle

₹ 3000

Get all four workshops at a great price!

** Quizzing Bundle **
World Geography + World History + World of Technology + Weekly Quizzes

Interactive game coming soon!

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