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21st Century skills such as Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Logical Reasoning and Analytical Skills keep your child future ready. Our Programs (Summer Workshops, Holistic Development Program) and Competitions (Puzzle Bee India and International Puzzle Bee) are developed focusing on development and assessment of 21st century skills.

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While 21st century skills don’t make you do well in any specific exam, possessing these skills make you better at every thing you do. Our students have won international accolades and are doing great in their chosen field. And we have just begun! 🙂

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We have one week long and two week long workshops, curated for Grades 1 to 8. Every workshop begins on Monday and goes on till Friday.

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With each workshop you get a ton of activities and content. Our workshops are exciting & engaging; and often fully booked so hurry!

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21st century skills are in high demand and short supply. Everyone wants a great problem solver and logical thinker on her team. These skills are always in demand and will always be. At Logicology, we focus on developing these skills in a fun learning way.

We believe student engagement is the key in any educational program. Each of our program is designed with student engagement in mind. If the children are engaged, they take interest and learn a lot better. We don’t believe in forcing children to learn something they are not interested in Our programs are like Vitamins which help you in the longer run and may not show immediate effects. These programs shape the thinking process of the child and compel them to apply their knowledge. We do it in a gamified environment.

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